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Frequently Asked Questions regarding prices for artwork, payment, timescales and picture framing.

General questions regarding artwork

Q: What does Dan need from you to carry out the picture?

A: All Dan needs is the basic outline idea for the picture and a good quality recent photo of the person or people that are in the picture. Email Dan the details and we can progress from there.


Q: What media does Dan use for the picture(s)?

A: Dan can produce artwork in a range of different media. These include pencil, watercolour paint, pen and ink or digitally (using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator). The choice is yours!


Q: Do you charge for sending me a quote?

A: No. All quotes are free.


Q: Can you get the pictures framed?

A: Yes. If you would like the picture framed Dan can get this sorted for you (an additional cost to have the picture framed will be added). Dan uses Gallery 177 for picture framing.
Check out Gallery 177 website.


Q: I live outside the UK, can I still have a picture created?

A: Yes. Dan has created artwork for clients in America, Australia, Canada. Postage and Packaging is more for outside the UK.


Q: Do you send a rough copy of the artwork so I can see it before the final version is done?

A: Yes, a rough “mock up” of the artwork is created in pencil and sent to you via email so you can view it and tell Dan of any adjustments that need doing before Dan starts the final artwork. Sometimes though if the deadline is extremely tight Dan might not have time to produce a rough “mock up”.


Q: How many adjustments can I make to the rough “mock-up”?

A: As many as you want, although please don’t take the mickey and request hundreds, most people make 1 or 2 slight changes to the rough. It mainly depends on how complex the picture is so it can vary. Dan try’s his very best to get it right first time.


Q: Do you send electronic copies of the artwork to clients?

A: Yes. File formats Dan can email can be pdf, jpeg, png, psd (Adobe Photoshop), ai (Adobe Illustrator). If you have a tight deadline I can send you the artwork so it gets to you even sooner as postal delivery can take a few days.


Q: How is the artwork sent?

A: All A5-A3 size artwork is packaged in a strong hard back cardboard envelope (which is packed with another piece of card for extra protection) and sent using royal mail special delivery. Anything bigger than A3 will be rolled and put in a cardboard tube.


Q: What if the artwork arrives late?

A: Dan tries and send off the artwork as soon as possible when its completed so you recieve it before the deadline. If its been sent by special delivery and arrives late unfortunately this is out of Dan’s control. Every effort is made on my part to get the artwork to you asap.


Q: What if the artwork arrives damaged?

A: If the artwork is damaged in any way this will be due to it being damaged in delivery, unfortunately this is out of Dan’s control. All artwork is packaged to a high standard.


Q: Can I collect the artwork?

A: Yes, most people who live in Northamptonshire / midlands area collect the artwork. Most people come and collect large size artwork (i.e. A2 size). Dan’s address is on the contact page.



Prices for artwork vary depending on the size, what media is used (i.e. watercolour, pencil, pen and ink, or digital). Also the amount of extra content that you want including in the picture i.e. extra people, background objects, additional elements etc.

To view all the different ranges of artwork on offer please visit the artwork page.

Feel free to contact Dan for more information regarding prices as he’ll be able to give you a more specific quote.



Q: How do I pay for the artwork?

A: Payments can be made via cheque (make cheques payable to Daniel Jeffery), or by bank transfer. Contact Dan for more details regarding payments.


Timescale for artwork

For an A4 or A3 size watercolour, pencil drawing, digital or pen and ink picture ideally give at least 7 days notice (remember the picture has to get to you as well) from first contacting Dan / agreeing the commission. Artwork can be emailed to you if required. Exceptions can be made if you have a very tight deadline.

Please don’t leave it too late!


Picture sizes

Q: What size picture should I use?

A: The picture size is up to you. If you want a “busy” and detailed picture with lots going on then A3 and above is a good size. Dan can produce artwork up to A1 size (this is mainly for paintings). Artwork produced on digitally can be any size you want.


Q: What page sizes are there?

A: Page sizes are as follows:- A5: 210mm x 148mm. A4: 297 x 210mm. A3: 420mm x 297mm. A2: 594 x 420mm. A1: 841 x 594mm

Please note that Dan can’t go any bigger than A1 size for watercolour artwork.

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