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How were the caricature pictures and artwork created?

Sywell Aerodrome asked Dan to create a Christmas card that featured caricatures of members of their flight crew and office staff. The caricature Christmas card painting was actually scaled down from a large A2 watercolour painting using Adobe Photoshop. James form Sywell emailed Dan the photos of the staff and pilots that he wanted to feature on the Christmas card and an initial rough copy of the artwork was sent and tweaked before the final piece was painted using watercolour paint. The following year Sywell wanted a more corporate feel for their Christmas card based on a photo of several of their planes in flight. Dan created this design using Adobe Illustrator.


Sywell Aerodrome caricature Christmas card watercolour painting

Dan’s artwork is fantastic. It’s creative, colourful and very festive – just what we needed for our Christmas card.

James Cliff, Sywell Areodrome

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