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Below is a selection of cartoon style health and safety posters created for SSE that highlight the dangers that the workers needed to be aware of.

The design brief

To create humorous cartoon style health and safety posters for Scottish and Southern Energy that clearly highlight various dangers that workers may encounter.

How are the health and safety posters created?

Once the rough pencil sketches have been approved by the client, this sketch is then drawn over on computer using Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom stylus. Colour and other elements / effects are then added in on computer using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


SSE wear your yak trax health and safety poster

At SSE our priority is always safety, and to do this we decided to change our risk boards for our Onshore Wind Department. We set Daniel the difficult task of visualising the risks associated with our work and making them have a tremendous visual impact. From some (very) rough sketches, written descriptions and a few photos he managed to make some eye catching artwork that draws peoples attention, sparking discussion and thought. The artwork has been admired throughout the business for its detail and message. The standard of work is impressive and undoubtedly he will be getting used by us again in the very near future.

Kevin Shanks, Mechanical Engineer, Scottish and Southern Energy

SSE ecology health and safety poster

SSE is constructing new electricity transmission lines to export power from new renewable energy projects in the sensitive environments of the North of Scotland. Having seen the work that Daniel did for our Onshore Wind Operations team on Safety, we approached him to produce similar artwork to convey some simple messages about managing the environment. Working from our sketches, Daniel prepared a set of illustrations that get the messages across in a focussed and simple manner. As testament to their effectiveness, our contractors have asked to use them to brief their own staff.

Chris Marden, Environment Manager, Scottish and Southern Energy

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